Interior Home Painting Package

Interior Home Painting Package

-Tape floor at base of molding

-Tape around window frames & door frames

-Tape around door knobs

-Tape around lighting fixtures or take them down

-Take down heavy hanging mirrors, art work & photo frames from walls

-Tape down rosin paper 3 feet wide around the perimeter of the room, to catch roller drips & splatters

-Tape below molding

-Tape window glass or French windows

-Tape around ceilings

-Mask above baseboards (if needed)

-Remove face plates

-Remove shelves bolted to the wall

-Move furniture away from the walls or to the center of the room

-Move breakables to a safe place

-Cover furniture with plastic

-Patching holes from removed picture hangers

-Patch any cracks

-Sand windows and doors as needed

-Sand walls to smooth out imperfections and remove foreign partials to achieve a smooth uniform finish coat.

-Apply primer to repaired areas which will insure uniform appearance & adhesion to the finish coat

-Maliciously Caulk gaps & seams, and where walls meet the ceiling to achieve straight lines

-Apply (2) finish coats to walls, ceilings, baseboards, crown-molding, living-room, dining room, kitchen,hallway, bedroom & bathroom
  • Details

    Price referenced above is for labor only. Paint & materials will be quoted at the time of project walk-through prior to work commencing.

    A service contract with Bellotti Painting must be signed after purchase & before work can commence.

    Additional fee for the following prepping and painting of:

    -Any Cabinets currently stained or not painted
    -Painting inside of any cabinets
    -Painting stripes on wall
    -Staining of any surfaces
    -Replacing of drywall
    -Wall paper removal
    -Application of dry-erase coating
    -Cottage cheese ceiling removal
    -Painting crown molding a different color than the wall or the ceiling.
    -Any surface coated in pure white that is not currently pure white.
    -Built-in shelves & cabinets
    -Faux finish
    -More than (2) colors in any room
    -More than (1) French window or door
    -More than (1) accent wall per room