Exterior Home Painting Package

Exterior Home Painting Package

Bellotti Painting will perform the following services:

-Power wash entire home to clean all surfaces of loose dirt,dust, grime & contaminants

-Sand to remove all loose paint

-Remove loose window putty and glaze windows with new material

-Trench the entire perimeter to protect from water penetrating the home.

-Spray chemical solution to kill mold and mildew and prevent musty odors.

-Open up stucco cracks, refill and blend the texture to match existing stucco.

-Maliciously caulk around windows and where the stucco meets the under-hang.

-Cover project area with paper, plastic and canvas drops to catch paint drips,sprays and splatters

-Apply primer to repaired areas which will insure uniform appearance and adhesion to the finish top coat.

-Sand window sills and frames with multiple grits of sand paper to eliminate old paint and achieve a smooth paint ready surface.

-Apply (2) finish top coats on stucco,windows,doors,trim, gutters, and fascia up to two colors.

-Receive contractor pricing on Sherwin Williams Superpaint which carries a 25 year warranty and assures resistance to fading, cracking and peeling.

  • Details

    Price referenced above is for labor only. Paint & materials will be quoted at the time of project walk-through prior to work commencing.

    A service contract with Bellotti Painting must be signed after purchase & before work can commence.

    Additional fee for the following prepping and painting of:

    -Any wood or French windows
    -Porch & patio roofs
    -Detached garages
    -Fences or metal railings of any kind
    -Staining any surfaces
    -Deck & porch floors
    -Prepping of shingles & siding
    -Tudor-style homes
    -Repair of damaged tex-coat or coolcoat
    -More than 8 windows of any kind
    -More than one set of French doors.
    -Wall & under-hang that are separate colors
    -Any surface requiring bondo repair
    -Stripping paint from bricks
    - Applying more than two colors or if colors are mixed in a deep,ultra-deep,clear or pastel base