WATER-PRESSURE BLASTING- to clean all surfaces of loose dirt, dust, grime & contaminants
SANDINGwire-brushing and scraping to remove all loose paint 
STUCCO PATCHING-to repair all holes, cracks, and damaged areas.
TRENCHINGto protect stucco below ground level (4 to 6 inches deep)
MILDEW REMOVAL-to to neutralize fungus prior to painting
PRIME- to seal all repaired areas. (stucco , wood, and rusted nails )
WINDOW GLAZING- to remove loose window putty and replace with new material
CAULKING-Windows will be caulked with vinyl 25-year guarantee, caulking compound.
RUST REMOVAL Metal will be sanded and spot primed with anti-rust primer.
COVERING- Paper , plastic, and canvas drops will catch paint drips, sprays and splatters